Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A shot in the arm

Ok, so if you know me, you know I have a lot of sinus trouble. Well, about this time last year I started taking allergy shots. And this is big for me because I'm a needle hater. But geez, I was tired of being snotty all the time. Anyway, this year has been a tremendous improvement for me in the sinus category. I'm so glad I sucked it up and did the shots.

That info was the setup for this post - today at work they gave free flu shots. Well I'm all about somethin' free, (who ain't?!) but my aversion to needles still crops up occasionally... Yeah, I got one last year for the first time and obviously lived to tell about it... And yeah, I go every two weeks to get a shot in each arm filled with liquid poison (trees, grass, weeds, ragweed, dust mites & dog) but this is different. Or is it?

So my co-worker Diana goes to get her shot and comes back talkin' a big talk 'bout how it didn't hurt yada yada yada... Cindy and I are the last two chickens, er I mean holdouts, on the hall. I leave my desk for a minute and come back to find the consent form prominently placed on my desk. When Diana hears me plop down in my chair, she sweetly says, "Lyndy, I printed a form for ya and put it on your desk." I thanked her and smiled to myself...relentless... I told Cin she's not gonna give up ya know, and Cin said I'll go if you go. So off we went. . .

What's funny is there were several people in line visibly nervous about this little flu shot. Isn't it crazy how parents make their kids act all brave and take their vaccinations, yet when it's the grown ups' turn they're big ole chickens? he he

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