Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Recap (part 3)

After church we had our Easter meal with Anthony's fam. There was a sugar cured ham and all kinds of fixins y'all. It was tasty! (It's apparently a Tums weekend! I overate again.)

The weather didn't really cooperate, but we hung out on the carport and enjoyed ourselves any the hoo. Just more QFT....
I "helped" Dawson with the sidewalk chalk. He obviously needed my assistance.
We let "Mema" know where her car was in case she gets a bad case of "old timer's" he he 
Uncle Anthony helped Dawson check on the fish in the little pond out back.
One of those fish is about 15 years old.

Love bubbles, don't you?!

 Me and my honey
(you can tell he LOVES pics, right?)

Dawson doesn't like his picture taken...(much like his uncle) and at first he was grinnin' up at the sky, so when I told him to lower his chin, we got this goofy expression...

This little furball is the queen of the house, don't let anyone kid ya. Matty, did the Easter bunny leave you a present?


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