Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Recap (part 4)

Riley came over and played for a couple hours Sunday evening (so we could give him a little "prize" for Easter). We played with his cars and Playdoh. He petted Tinsley. And of course the ball was thrown around in the house.

At one point Riley and Anthony were playing and they disappeared for a few minutes and got unusually quiet. I figured I'd be beckoned to "find" them. Nope. Riley came and said (ever so politely), Me and Anthony are layin' on the bed restin'. Would you like to join us? MY answer? OF COURSE! ha When I went in there Riley laid between Anthony and me and he said "get closer." Apparently he likes to snuggle. As he played, every once in a while he'd come over to one of us and hug or kiss us and say "I love you." Awww, sweet boy.

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