Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What was goin' on last weekend (a running first is in here)

Weekend recap
  • Friday night is usually our eating out and getting groceries night. Don't underestimate the fun in this ritual. Sometimes we enjoy singing in the aisles or even dancing. We're silly!
  • Saturday was the Junior Achievement Bowlathon. I raised a measly $40 but our team contributed to the big kickoff event also and that event raised nearly $1,500 so we're not exactly in the doghouse or anything. More importantly, I had a couple STRIKES and spares in the first game. For real!
  • Saturday we also ate lunch at Logan's (thanks to a buy 1 get 1 free entree coupon from a friend) and it was DELISH! I had half a rack of ribs folks. Finger lickin' good.
  • Saturday night was low key. Anthony wanted to watch the race, so I ran one. Ha Not really. But I ran 5 miles on our road FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. No walking breaks. WOoHoO! Yay me!
  • Sunday morning at church during praise & worship a little boy and a man each came up and prayed and got saved. AWESOME! Then, after Dad preached and gave the altar call, Camden got saved! Angels had a party rejoicing Sunday for the three new children of God! Praise the Lord!
  • Sunday night we met our friends Annette & Charles at the Barrel. We ate. And talked. And talked some more. Charles, he's got some stories yall! Fo sho! Then we shopped in the retail shop. And then we sat on the porch in the rockers and talked some more. Yall, we were there for four hours! That's my longest Barrel stay EVER. They locked the doors behind us. LOL
Well, that's it. Fun stuff. Don't be jealous because I had such an exciting, eventful weekend. Deep down, I'm just like you. :-P

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