Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thank God for moms

Happy Mother's Day to you Mom!

It was a busy weekend, but such is life these days. When we went by Mom and Dad's Saturday evening to give her all her M-day goodies she ended up grilling out for us. Awww. That was special (and tasty)! Since it was unexpected I didn't have my cam, so no pics of that. We took this pic at church of course :-)

And to you, too Ma Ma!
This is my only living grandparent. We call her Ma Ma (say it: maa maa). She's a spry 89 and all of 4 feet somethin. I was so glad to see her at church this mornin!
She's my daddy's momma. Here they are -  
My brothers stayed with Ma Ma a lot when they were little, but when I came along my mom quit working and was a full-time stay home mom. All that to say, I don't have as many cool memories with Ma Ma as they do, but every summer I'd go over there for a week while my parents went to the annual General Baptist Association meeting. We'd do puzzles, watch tv, play outside and I'd "help" her in the garden. I remember one (unpleasant) time we picked blackberries. And we always went to her sister's house at some point during the week.

Happy Mother's Day to my mother-in-law, too!
After church Sunday we headed to Anthony's mom's to deliver her M-day goodies. Anthony's sis and her little boy were there so of course Anthony had to throw a little baseball (uncle duties)...

We first tried taking the pic by the little fish pond, but 'tween the big tree nearby and the sun it was just not a prime photo spot... Anthony HATES pics anyway and I had moved him around about three times and by the time he was nestled on top of a planter box, I decided the sun was casting weird enough shadows that we should move. Anthony said he felt like he was on the toilet so I quickly snapped a pic. LOL This shot may end up in Janice's calendar for next year. he he he

Thanks to Mom for birthin' lil ole 7 pound 11 ounce me.
And thanks to Ma Ma for birthin' Dad because without him there'd be no me. And thanks to Janice for birthin' Anthony because he's pretty much perfect and I love him a bunch!
Moms rock! Right?!

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