Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pleasing your wife *by Lyndy

Lyndy's guide to pleasing your wife....
I think we can all agree that boys and girls men and women are different... my friend Brandi says it's that Y chromosome the fellas have :-P Well, here I'm gonna give you my take on how to please your wife (or girlfriend if the shoe fits)
1.    Don't be predictable with flowers
Yeah, it's nice to send us roses on V-day, our birthday or anniversary. But it's more special (and thoughtful) if you know we're havin' a crappy day or week and you send 'em to us with a note that says "hope this makes your day better" and of course an "I love ya" would be nice. Oh, and don't break the bank. Six flowers or less will do. No need to send so many that everyone within a 2 mile radius is sneezing.
2.    Be supportive and don't try to be a problem solver
We know you can't read our minds. But once in a while if we're venting or grumpy, we need you to just listen and be on our side. Don't try to solve the problem. We hate when you get analytical. Just say yeah, I know honey, that stinks, maybe give us a peck on the cheek or a squeeze and love us. But most importantly: LISTEN. It's okay to turn away from your precious ESPN or Weather channel once in a while. It will still be there when we finish our sob story.
3.    Think before taking the last one
This is mostly related to food... but it can also apply to the last clean washcloth, the last roll of TP, etc. There's nothing worse than going to the fridge or pantry with that certain edible yummy in mind to find that someone took the last one and didn't bother to mention it. Really becomes a prob if you're going "number 2" and you turn to find the basket of TP is EMPTY-O. Grrr not cool.
4.    Surprise us with small things
Sometimes we get busy (or lazy) and the dishes may sit in the sink a couple days or the clean laundry may grow roots in the laundry basket or nearest empty chair... surprise us and take care of it without us havin' to ask. It may sound weird, but this is kinda romantic to us. A man who vacuums and cleans toilets without being asked is a hot commodity.
5.    Introduce us to people in a sweet way
Don't refer to us as "the old lady" or "my woman" because we consider this borderline disrespectful.
One of the absolute COOLEST things my hubby has done lately happened a week or so ago when we ran into a childhood friend of his. They hadn't seen each other since they were kids and Anthony introduced me as his "high school sweetheart." I nearly melted into a puddle. I had never heard him refer to me as that. I always refer to him that way when introducing him, but hearing him say it pretty much made me feel like I was floating. I told him later and he rolled his eyes at me and this is why I put this on the list... you guys just don't really get it.
I think now you get it - less is more... it doesn't have to be extravagant or require tons of $$$ or planning. Just let us know you care and move your butt once in a while. :-P Oh, and if you're really wanting to get in our good graces, hand us the remote once a year wouldja?!
I should end this blog entry with a statement about my beloved. Anthony is wonderful and I'm blessed to have such a sweetie to share my life with. He rarely irritates me or makes me mad. I probably don't deserve him, but sure am glad he's ALL MIIIIIINE!

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