Thursday, May 19, 2011

Exercise freak?

Last weekend was the beginning of an exercise freak-tified week for me. I'm trying to help my young friend Bridgett get going on her exercise regimen so we ran all weekend. The temps were perfect-o do you hear me?! Anyway, this is how today went - I had to work of course. On my lunch hour I went to butts & guts class. In this class we did this stuff: crunches, push ups, flies, more crunches (a different kind), skull crushers, overhead raises, tricep dips, bicep curls. 3 sets each circuit. OUCH! Went back to work. After work, went to the park and ran three miles in 29 minutos (numero uno was in 9 minutes y'all), then walked a mile to cool down and enjoy the scenery a bit. Then, I discovered I kinda stunk so I went back to the gym to shower and change clothes before my volleyball game. I'm playing in a co-ed league at work. We have a 100+acre campus that rivals most college campuses, no foolin' and we have a sand volleyball court that's pretty sweet. I played last year and had a blast. Summer temps get hot, but I love some bump.set.spike action. Yeeeah. Our team name is BOOMshakalaka. Oh and I should mention that in tonight's first game, which we won 15-3, I served up like 10 consecutive points and in the second game, which we won 15-2, I served up 12 or 13 in a row. Hope my serve sticks around all season. That will be hot!

So was I an exercise freak today? Maybe. But some people think nuthin of exercisin' more than two hours in a single day. They proly don't have real jobs though, yo.

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