Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lyndy's list of favorite things...

Things that are to me right now - 
  • Loreal Voluminous mascara
  • Avon ultra color rich lipstick in sparkling nude (wear it - you will get compliments)
  • Running & volleyball  
  • Pretzel M&Ms (these may stay on my permanent Things I Love list)
  • These
  • The Band Perry's self-titled CD (every track is good yall.. trust me, they're no one-hit wonder.. and me and Kimberly, we basically sound just alike)
  • I LOVE spring
  • We planted this dogwood in the fall of 2009. It didn't bloom last spring, so I was super pumped that it was so pretty this year. The pink one only had one bloom (poor thing, I'm sure the white one has taunted it since like March), but I hear they're not as hearty as the white ones. Now ya tell me, gee thanks.
    When we built our house, the builder told us a Japanese maple was "a must" for this spot so after thinking it over (and the in-laws springin' for the tree as a housewarming gift) we gave in. Well it was 'spensive and it bit the dust the first year...soooo in the fall of 2009 we planted another one (that came from el-cheapo flea market-o) and lookie how she's blossomed with some TLC...
  • Game night with my bro & fam...
  • Cam was at a birthday campout sleepover.
  • Going shopping with my mom today (can I getta hoo-rahh, looked forward to this all week, yo)

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