Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011 Recap (Part 1)

First things first.
Friday we worked hard on cleaning our house because my fam-uh-lee was comin' over for dinner. We celebrated a smidge early. That actually worked out pretty well. We ate bbq, just a-keepin' it real. No linen tablecloths here folks. Elbows on the table are encouraged. There was also mac 'n cheese, corn, baked beans, cheesy potato casserole, derby pie and peach cobbler. Oh, and of course sweet tea. This IS the south after all.
I ate til I was full...too full. Ugh, where are the Tums?

We hung out, talked, laughed - all that good stuff. The boys threw football for a few minutes outside (a very few) but we didn't really do anything. Kids are all too big for egg hunts. I reckon it was just QFT. Quality family time. (You like that? I made it up just now. All on my own. Just me. Nobody helped.)

This is me, my two bros, my mom and my dad. Ain't we sweet lookin' ?! Don't be fooled people.

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