Sunday, January 9, 2011

Goal setting

There’s nothing wrong with goals, right?

I made a New Year’s Resolution when I was a freshman in high school to STOP DRINKING COKES. (Southern gal disclaimer: Coke in the South means any soft drink or soda) I was one of those heavy drinkers. I’d sometimes have coke with breakfast, coke on morning break at school, coke at lunch, coke at cheerleading practice, coke for dinner. Coke was my lifeline. LOL But every time I ran (which was rare in those days) my side hurt sooo bad. Somebody said it was because of coke. And then there was someone who said if you cut out cokes, you’d lose weight. And you know how teenagers are, especially girls – always wanting to be thinner. So I quit drinkin’ em. Cold turkey! And I still don’t, so & so years later. I’ve become a fan of “high quality H20” over the years. (That’s an Adam Sandler quote from Water Boy if you haven’t seen it.) I love it!

Ok, so enough about that. I haven’t made New Year’s Resolutions this year per se. But I do have a couple things in mind to strive for. I want to commit to reading my Bible EVERY DAY. That is NOT a difficult thing to accomplish folks. And my goodness, what is going to do? Make ya stronger and better! Why would you NOT wanna do that?

I read something the other day that said put God first, others next and yourself LAST. I wanna do more of that (the Lyndy LAST part). I really love people and I know I don’t always show it  like I should.

And now to my goal… The week after Christmas I started getting a little nervous about the January Weight Watchers weigh in I’m required to do to maintain my free lifetime membership status so I took the advice of Jenn-ay, “run Forrest run” and run I did. I kinda craved the feeling you get when you run. It’s cool. But then I thought ok, Lyndy, you know you’re going to struggle to keep this up with the weather being cool and having to make an effort to go somewhere indoors to run, etc. So I made myself a reasonable goal – to run to my hometown. I looked up the miles online and it’s 20 miles from where I live now to my hometown. And to hold myself accountable, I’ll keep you blog followers informed on my progress.
Here’s my status report thus far:
12/29/10      3 miles
12/30/10      2 miles
12/31/10      1.5 miles
01/03/11      3 miles
01/06/11      2 miles
01/07/11      2 miles
01/08/11      1 mile

TOTAL      14.5 miles

That leaves only 5.5 miles to go! By the weekend I’ll be ready for another trip… Oh, and no worries - I'm still going to my killer, butt-kickin' classes at the gym. I think they should rename the classes: Punishing Pilates, Blistering Butts & Guts, Not Yo Momma's Yoga. I heard of this 70something year old lady who had Michelle Obama arms and when asked how she kept them looking so good she said she does one pushup for each year of her life, every day. So this lady is doing 70something push ups EVERY DAY people. I thought about trying that (of course I'm in my 30s so...a little easier than Gertrude here) but I'm kinda chicken.

Oh, and Thursday was my weigh in and I'm still maintaining my goal weight. :-) Yay me!

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  1. I admire your dedication to staying healthy. It is no easy thing!