Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart.

Well, folks...it's still a white blanket out there and I gotta know - is anybody else tired of it besides me? Sure, it's fun for the kids and fine for the teachers and school staff or those stay at home workers... but for those of us who have to drive ~30 miles to work across "treacherous roads" a few towns away it certainly ain't no walk in the park.

I'm trying to be optimistic here. It could be worse... the fact that I barely made it up our driveway last night (but not before literally burning rubber on the concrete pad at the top of the drive) is not a concern today. No, because today I had to leave the car halfway. So I asked my sweet beloved to bring my (sorta) hiking boots so I could walk up the treacherous, hilly, long driveway without sliding back down it in my "Sunday shoes." Makes you rethink the whole house on a hill concept. Yeah, good for the May 2010 flood, not so much for winter snow.
(blah pic inserted here from somewhere, some time)
It's all good. It is... because this, too shall pass. Bring me spring and bring it fast!

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  1. Oh, Lyndy. I'm sure I would feel differently if I worked in some other field, but I don't so I am LOVING IT!!! Seriously, though. Be careful on the roads. My sister said the hill out of town was a solid sheet of ice. And stay warm. Spring will be here before we know it.