Sunday, November 14, 2010

Folks, we have a winner

In the 1-2 year old boys category contestant #3, aka Riley is a WINNER... for Most Photogenic AND the cutest little guy in the contest... which means he can ride in the Christmas parade with a banner proclaiming to one and all that he's got a title now. ha

Yes friends, he charmed the judges... he gave the thumbs up, he waved and smiled ever so cutely, and even blew 'em some kisses.  
He wouldn't be still long enough for me to get a good pic of him in his cool guy outfit and TWO trophies...I think it was because the Dimetapp had kicked in. LOL He was a little hyper for a while...

 Who knew you could do snow angels on a concrete floor. :-P

Eventually, between the Dimetapp (I guess) and the excitement of the morning.... ZZZZZ

A fun time with my little buddy.

Better than cleaning house and doing laundry, which is normally my Saturday morning routine.

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