Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We met Chris Sanders

Last night we attended a recording of a local Christian tv network show. My brother got a group together because if you bring 50 people, the network donates $1,000 to your church/ministry/worthy cause. So the $ will go toward the adoption of Kerby and Kerlandy (from Haiti)... cool!
Anyway, we had never been to one of these and you know how you sometimes go into something with preconceived notions... The host was Jason Crabb (of the Crabb Family, a southern gospel singing group) and it was a Christmas themed show (to be aired in December). They started out talking with the Bowling Family (part of whom are Crabb Family folk). Back in the summer, their tour bus crashed into the back of a semi on an interstate in NC. Thankfully, everyone survived, but one of the gals was in a body cast for like three months and doctors didn't know if she'd ever walk again. There were others with injuries, including their little girl who had to have surgery, but everyone has recovered. Even after all that, they're still praisin' God and serving Him. They're going back on the road in January.
A guy who used to be with Gold City came out and sang and he had a great tenor voice (Steve Ladd). Then "Sisters" came out, which are the Ruppes, minus the mother. I'm obviously behind on the southern gospel scene. ;-) They had beautiful harmony and they sang "Your Presence" (a Christmas tune talking about needing God's presence in the midst of the holiday rush and things that don't matter and are not what Christmas is about, etc.). Definitely gotta get that soundtrack! Two of my gal pals may be summoned for a lil trio come Christmas time, but they don't know it yet.. hehe
Well, the biggest surprise of the night was when former Titans player Chris Sanders preached. Wow! He was awesome. I won't repreach his sermon here, but suffice it to say he had plenty to say and definitely had the crowd going (for God). There were several things he touched on in his message that I'll remember for a long time. He spoke from his heart with a passion for God and about reaching those who don't know Him.
After service, Chris hung out and talked with everyone. I got a pic of him with Anthony.

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