Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy anniversary (to us)

Saturday was our 11th anniversary. <3 We spent the weekend in Pigeon Forge to celebrate. A certain kitty thought she was going to sneak into the suitcase...
We did a lot of resting. I read two books and Anthony watched some football. We slept late every day and I think I squeezed in a nap or two (remember: "Judge not, lest ye be judged.") It was nice to just get away for a few days... here's kinda the rundown of our fun!

Friday night "Big Daddy's Pizzeria" caught our eye. And happy we were.... the menu said they were so serious about using only fresh ingredients, that you won't even find a freezer on the premises. Is your mouth watering yet? Cuz it should be. That pizza was delish! 

On Saturday night (our anniversary), we decided to go the Italian route and we tried a place called Carino's Italian Restaurant. I had a divine grilled chicken bowtie pasta "festival" dish (complete with asiago cheese sauce-smack me now!) and Anthony had what appeared to be a plate full of cheese. ha It was some kind of tortelloni with six cheeses (shouldn't that be illegal or something?!)... Anyway, it was a nice place and the food was very tasty. Our waiter nicely took our pic ~ for my scrapbook :-)

Sunday we decided to ride up the tramway to Ober Gatlinburg. Here's the view from the tram. It was so pretty. There was still so much color up there in the trees. We were also excited that we could see snow on the mountain tops (in the distance).
*I'll refrain from talking about what a chicken Anthony was in the tram. He is, after all, my sweet beloved...

When we came back down the mountain, we walked....and walked....and walked some more. Had to check out what was happenin' in the 'burg... we worked up an appetite and shared a foot long corn dog. MMMM!

Walkin' sure makes a body hawngry... I had a hankerin' for a fresh baked cookie. Well, let me tell ya - if ya want fudge, caramel corn, taffy, the 'burg has got it. But cookies? Not so much. We were referred to the Donut Friar (in the Village). Well bless his heart the Friar had cookies AND donuts...had me one of each, yes sirree. Will worry about the calories consumed, maybe...

Sometimes when ya go shopping, do you ever find a silly hat YOU JUST HAVE TO TRY ON?! This one did it for me. And don't think I didn't consider purchasing this little treasure. He's just adorable, isn't he?! (Are you doing your best Kermit THE frog impression right now? It's not easy bein' green!)

And that, my friends, is a summary of our anniversary weekend up in "the mountains." I'm very thankful to celebrate an 11th anniversary with this handsome fella who is my hubby. He makes me happy EVERY day and I love him more than just about anything.


  1. you shared the corn dog?! i woulda ate it all myself! :) looks like ya'll had fun!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you both!