Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random stuff...mostly cat stuff

- Okay, so it's been over a week since we got back from our anniversary weekend in the mountains... but every night since we got home, EVERY NIGHT I SAY, this kitty has been in my lap. You say okay, Lyndy, so what? Cats like to sit in laps. But you don't understand - we call Tinsley our teenager because a lot of nights when we get home from work she stays upstairs "in her room" and ignores us (no, she doesn't really have her own room). But seriously, Tinsley has been in my lap, up my tail every night since we got back... on me like wet on a dog... she loves me. And I love her.
(She's in my lap as I type this...)

- This is how purty my mums got in October. . . I never got around to posting the pic as promised... and the pink cuties - they're my begonias I planted back in the spring and because of my faithful watering (A LOT of it in the mornings before I showered and got ready for work, mind ya) and sun, oh and the good Lord above, they grew to be full and pretty. Maybe you think PINK and YELLER don't go together, but shucks, I don't even care. I was proud of my little blooms. Ya see, these here were the first uns I ever tried at this house...

- This little cutie is my mother-in-law's cat Matty. When she named her, she didn't know if she was a he or a she, so she did one o' them gender bender names. She's very sweet and playful. Oh - I should tell you her story. My MIL's coworker had a litter of kittens and was trying to talk my MIL into taking one. And she was considering it. Anyway, the coworker lives about 15-20 minutes away from their work and one day she had come to work, gone out for lunch, returned and been back at work a while when she went out for a break. Noticed something under the car and there was one of her kittens...um, it had ridden to work (and out to lunch) with her apparently. Destiny? Yeah, I guess. The little squirt went home with my MIL that night and there she has stayed. She's a part of the fam now. And I'm glad. She's ALMOST as cool as Tinsley. hehe

- This big guy is my mom and dad's cat Max. He has a story, too. Dad was preaching a revival and some folks at the church had a new litter of kittens. Well, Mom fell in love with one and decided to take it home. IT....well, HER...Mom thought she was a she. She named her Maddie. Welllll, when the time came for Maddie to go to Mr. Vetty it was determined that Maddie was... you guessed it: a BOY! So Maddie had her name legally changed to Max. ;-) And that fits him anyhoo cuz he's a hoss! He's so long and tall. His tail is 13 inches long (Mom measured it). I think he's officially taken my place as the baby in the family cuz he gets to go camping with Mom and Dad now...

Lyndy's almost legal disclaimer (in case Tinsley ever acquires reading abilities): Tinsley is the best, most wonderful, prettiest, sweetest cat in the whole wide world. No cat compares to her!

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