Monday, October 4, 2010

Pic-uh-nic recap

Maybe it annoys you that I call it a pic-uh-nic, but it's my blog and I'll be goofy if I wanna. I see a pic-uh-nic basket Boo Boo! Yes, Yogi Bear was a part of my childhood. And I turned out okay!

Anyway, I told ya Saturday was gonna be a busy day. After we finished at the carnival fundraiser Anthony and I headed to my company picnic. It was on campus, so that was pretty cool since we have a hundred acres of nice land and ponds and what not. I knew from all the emails they kept sendin' us that it promised to be a pretty big "to do." And it was.

There was a ton of stuff to do...I'll do my best to 'member most of it. Food, of course, was the first thing we scoped out. Loved the brisket. Then there was the Bingo tent. I don't know how many folks were piled into that tent, but we passed on Bingo...maybe in another decade or so we'll be checkin' that out. he he There was live entertainment. The acts were all "up and comers" and they had the same band for each act, right? Well, I'll be darn if Teddy Gentry from Alabama wasn't up there on stage an arm's distance from me playing that bass...and uh sangin'....

After that we walked around a bit to see all the sights. Found some of my coworker friends. My friend Brandi has the cutest 2 year old! Is she a Hollywood diva or what?

I forgot to mention we enjoyed a mini funnel cake-can't forget that! Mmm . . . Oh, I threw softballs at barrel targets, but I only hit one out of three. Guess I'll keep my day job. :-P Meanwhile Anthony found the corn...
We tried our hand at pitching baseballs into a target. I did WAY better than Anthony. hehe Then we shot water balloons at barrels. We didn't hit any nor did we win nary a prize. We bypassed the golf chipping game. And we didn't stop at the corn hole game. The boards were nice though - they had a Cracker Barrel logo on 'em. There was a hula hoop contest at one point, but Lord knows I wasn't about to partake in that. Um, no. On the other side there was a casino tent, bull ride, rock wall to climb, and tons of kiddie things (including pony rides). We passed on all that and hung out a little while in the tent that was full of tvs showing the football games of the day (sigh). We did one more thing though - I just couldn't resist, so we rode it....

I was being silly to my friend Kelly's little boy down below. His reaction to me was this -

We're just kids stuck in adult bodies I reckon. Kids at heart!
It was a really fun picnic, even if I came home with no prizes. I guess my prize is the memories....good times, good times.

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  1. that last picture needs to be in a frame. cute!