Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another person adopting...

Today I read a blog (it was a friend of a friend of mine who's adopting, too) was just heart wrenching. This couple has felt led of God to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia. Last week they went to Ethiopia for part of "the process" and you just have to read it for yourself to fully appreciate what they went through, just last week... I'd have probably ended up in the mental hospital after this ordeal.

Of course with international adoption becoming a reality in my fam (my oldest bro & his wife are adopting 2 kids from Haiti) this is all just kinda wild, spinnin' around in my head. I'm absolutely amazed at the kindness, generosity and faith these folks obviously possess to welcome a stranger into their homes and love and accept them as their own. What a blessing to the children who would otherwise have no telling what kind of upbringing.

The closest I've been to an adoption was when Lisa & Alan went through the process. So many prayers... and when Riley came, it was pure joy & happiness. And every moment we've spent with Riley is such a blessing to us.

It's wonderful and miraculous that so many are able to conceive and have beautiful, healthy children - no doubt about that! But isn't there just a little somethin' extra special about adoptions? After all, aren't we all kinda "adopted" into the family of God when we're saved and ask Him to be our Saviour?  :-)

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