Monday, October 11, 2010

Fantabulous Fall Fun

Disclaimer: This post contains lotsa pics! You may experience short bursts of eye fatigue, and your smilin' muscles may hurt.

Saturday was the annual fall cookout at my inlaws. Of course, y'all know it's tryin' to be summer (around 90 degrees the last few days) so we didn't have the campfire. We still ate puh-lenty of good food and had a good time. And the hayride was a go. Always glad for that!

                    Boys will be boys....

Pickin' pears

Wouldn't ya love to know what this meeting was about?

                                                    Terry got out some pics of the ancestors...   

There was bbq, hot dogs and even some fried quail. I tried it... and as they say, "it tastes like chicken to me." Christy and I weren't too good at ladder ball, redneck golf, whatever ya wanna call it. Anthony became quite the pro at cornhole apparently. He and Stacy beat every team they played. The kids enjoyed fighting over Bryson's new puppy Sammy. The grown ups mostly sat around and talked. It was a really fun shindig, no matter what you did or didn't do...

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