Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Walk for your HEELth

Whew! I'm proud to be able to sit here and type I SURVIVED this day. It was one of those where I was constantly interrupted and had tons of little, time-consuming tasks.

On Wednesdays I usually do a yoga class at the gym at lunch, but today I couldn't go because I had to go across town to the Barrel to pick up lunch for one of our attorneys here from Chicago to prep a company employee for trial and another for her deposition. I'm not complaining about having to do that pseudo-secretarial task because A) I'm thankful for my job, and B) I'm not too good to do anything. Doesn't the Bible speak of having a servant heart?

When I got lunch delivered, my friend Kelly invited me to walk with her in a neighborhood across from the gym. I jumped at the chance because let's face it, we've had some gorgeous weather lately and the trees are just showing off these days. So off we went. Well we're both dummies because neither of us had socks. But I walk with no socks all the time around campus on breaks, so I thought, eh, whatev.

Toward the end of our 30 minute hilly walk among the nice, majestic homes and beautiful mature trees I told Kelly that my shoes were rubbing my heels pretty bad. She offered to swap sneaks (what a sweetheart), but I said nah, I'll be all right. But with every step, the burn intensified. I stopped and pulled on the back of my shoe and there it was - Blister Town and I was the mayor! Oww! I tried pushing the heels of my tennies down but ended up doing the rest of the walk barefoot. I bet I never forget socks again, huh?!

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