Friday, April 25, 2014


Is it too late to recap Easter? 

Ok, good. 

My family usually gets together for Easter in a casual sorta way... and it tends to be on Saturday because Sundays are just too tricky with church services, especially now that we all go to different churches... 

This year we went to my parents' house & grilled out on Saturday evening. 

Let me pause here and say Easter weekend was full of the most perfect weather this year. It was in the 70s, sunny and breezy. 

When Mom fired up the grill it seemed they were out of propane. So we grabbed a tank from the garage thinking it was a spare, but it turns out that was empty, or nearly empty. Either way it was gonna be Easter 2015 before the meat was done. 

Enter Anthony. Trevor's car had been making a noise so he and Dad were going for a drive.

Anthony ran to the gas station and did a tank swap. 

Fast forward a bit and my sister-in-law Michelle notices that the grill sounds loud - like almost a hissing noise. Well, not long after that a small fire started. Under the grill. And out the back. EEK!

Thankfully no one lost any eyebrows. And we got to eat. Mom had a backup grill and eventually got brave enough to fire the big one back up and it behaved this time. Whew. That was close.

After we finished eating the kiddos had to hunt eggs. Mom hid one egg per grandkid & they each had to find their egg, which had instructions inside about what they had to do to earn their prize ($$$). 

Camden found his egg in less than 2 minutes. No kidding. 
He had to tell a joke. But he had to get help from his dad to make sure he got it right. 
How do you take a sick pig to the hospital?
In a HAMbulance 
{Insert laughter here}

Phil & Sasha hunted for Conner & Brady's eggs since they aren't walking yet. Phil had to whistle Jesus Loves Me. He started off whistling the wrong song. Sasha had to sing Here Comes Peter Cottontail. 

Next up was Cullen - he had to say "rubber baby buggy bumpers" 10 times. He had some trouble with it. Which was kinda the point. 

Kerby had to hop like a bunny. If you follow me on Instagram you saw the vid of the kids doing all their stuff. And you saw that Kerby cannot hop like a bunny. 
It was hilarious. Maybe there aren't bunnies in Haiti, I don't know... 

Kerlandy was the last to find her egg. She had to do 4 cartwheels. She did it like a champ! 

Some of the guys played a little corn hole

And there's always gonna be some basketball goin on with these fellas

Sasha and I kicked our husband's tails last time we played badminton. 
This time we fell short. 
And since I mentioned falling... Sasha pretty much did the splits going for a hit during one of our games. To say it was hilarious isn't even gettin close to describing it. We had to stop the game a few minutes to get ourselves back together. AND Kerlandy whacked me with her racket so hard if I had been a cartoon character there would have been birdies swirling above my head. As I type this blog (6 days later) I still have a pretty good sized bruise. #memories

And just because I like to keep it real with yall, here's a couple crazy shots Michelle grabbed while we were playing. 

These two little studs got a lot of attention - 
        Shocking, I know

They turn one on April 26th & I think they're ready for that birthday cake LOL

Three generations right here..

I got a little crafty for the nieces & nephews... 
{cough, cough as seen on Pinterest cough, cough} 

Kinda cool what you can do with some scrapbook papers and adhesive, right? 

Ok c'mon now... how cute are my world famous Oreo balls dyed in Easter pastels?  {swoon}
Annette, if you're reading this please know that this Longaberger basket you hooked me up with has become my official Oreo ball carrier. ;-) 

As I was dipping the first few in a purpley-pink hue Anthony came through the kitchen and said "what's with the strawberry?" I said "no honey, it's just food coloring." Pretty sure I rolled my eyes, too. And maybe I said dummy, not honey. I can't remember...  

Fun times were had by all at the Easter gathering. Fun times indeed...  

I'm glad I share DNA with these people. 
They're cool. 

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