Sunday, April 13, 2014

flashback to February

I can't skip over this one.

Let's go back to February folks. And to do that, I need to lay some groundwork.

You'll remember that in September 2011 my dad quit pastoring. read the post 
He had been at that particular church for 24 years. After that, Anthony & I stayed for a few months but then we felt it was time for us to leave the church, too. So we did. And there began our adventure in finding a new church home. I had been under my dad's pastoring 
So there's that... 

We visited some and eventually, in July 2012, felt we belonged at place they call Long Hollow. 
We're still there. 
And we love it!

Pretty soon after starting to attend Long Hollow I joined choir. And let me just pause here and say God has really blessed me in a lot of ways through being in choir. But especially with friends. I've met some WONDERFUL folks through choir.

And one of em is this gal right here.
Karen is one of those people who's full of energy. Bubbly and fun, big hearted and just all around nice. 

I remember when I first joined choir we were walking up the stairs to the stage one day and I said hey, I just love your smile. I didn't even know her then. Now that I do, I know that her smile is genuine and comes from that inner joy that shines through even when she's having a tough day.

Anyway, her hubby is a singer. Well she actually is, too. But her hub does it for a living. 
One night she invited me along to one of their concerts. 
Thus the title of this post - flashback to February. ;-)

It was great to hear tight harmonies and the southern gospel music I used to hear every weekend when I was younger. When they did Step Into The Water I found myself singing along.

I played it cool that night and didn't get a pic with the fellas. Next time I won't be so shy. ;-)

After the service ended, I caught Karen's little boy being cute on stage and snapped this pic...
Give him a few years... he'll probably be on stage somewhere like his mom & dad.

Anyway, I just couldn't go on without posting this. 
It was a fun night and I sure am thankful for friends like Karen. 

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