Saturday, May 10, 2014

happy tassles for Bridge

Today was extra cool for my friend Bridgett. 

She's like a kid sister to me. Like don't mess with her or you'll have to mess with ME! 
And today she graduated from college. She's gonna be a teacher. An awesome one. 

I've known Bridgett since she was born. I'm distantly kin to her daddy. Her mom was always like a second mom to me, and a big sister sorta too. They're really like family. I was their extra kid for a while there... til Anthony and I started dating. ;-)

I'm super duper proud of Bridgett for stickin with it. It took her a while but she got that diploma today! 

Can't wait to hear all the stories about the kids who LOVE her being their teacher!

I made her this card I saw on Pinterest 
and I threw in some gift cards for her to go buy some "teachery clothes" (that's what she always says about an outfit she likes for the classroom). 

The card was so simple to make I won't insult your intelligence by explaining the steps. The "necklace" is just some little brads. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

Happy graduation everybody! 

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