Tuesday, February 25, 2014

hangin' with my bestie and painting and such

Spending a Saturday with your bestie is always the best!

Leslie asked me to go to a painting class with her.. and of course I jumped at the chance to be crafty & creative! Our time together seems to get more scarce with those boys of hers and their busy-busy schedules.

My poor church friend has been trying to get me to go Goodwill-ing for months and I had to cancel on her this cold Saturday. Apparently the first Saturday of the month is half price day. Because it's not already cheap enough I s'pose. ;-) I'll get there eventually! 

But back to the painting. 

There was a nice pro painter who led the class. She's just started a biz and if you wanna get a group together and do it, GIVE HER A CALL! 
Heather Viramontes is her name and her phone number is 270-618-0702

Here we are with our 
       :: M A S T E R P I E C E S ::

Pardon my sweatpants. It was SATURDAY people. 

This picture collage sorta shows you how we got there.  

If you're a perfectionist or a little OCD about trying to make it look just like the pro's example {cough cough} you may find yourself stressing a bit during the process. . .  

Les & I wouldn't know a thing about that

Have I hung mine up? No. But I do like it. 

And the best part was doing it alongside a chic that knows me better than just about anyone else. 

And still likes me. 

Friends are cool. And so is painting. 

Call Heather!

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