Monday, February 24, 2014

cheer someone up OR save it for your Valentine

I made this for Anthony for Valentine's Day, BUT it could easily convert to one of those cheer someone up kinda things. Could even be a quick teacher gift. 

After all, who doesn't love being told they're THE BOMB?!

What you need - - 
3 packs of Rolo candy
Red cardstock or scrapbook paper
Black cardstock or scrapbook paper
1 Black pipe cleaner
Two sided tape
Glue pen & Cricut machine (optional)
What you do -  - 
Measure the paper to be the length of the Rolo with just a little of the foil peeping out on each end. Cut with a paper trimmer to ensure straight edges.
Put a strip of two-sided tape on one end of your paper. Wrap the paper around each Rolo to act as a wrapper and press firmly to seal the "cover."
Once you've done this with all 3 Rolos, stack them together like 3 sticks of dynamite. Tie with the pipe cleaner. Cut off a short piece to stick in the top as the fuse. There's really no need for adhesive. 
I don't trust my own handwriting so I cut the phrase out with my Cricut. Then I stuck the letters down with a glue pen on a circle shape. I mounted the red circle on a slightly bigger black circle to give it a little separation from the red of the wrappers. Had to hole punch it too of course. Then I stuck it through the pipe cleaner and cut off the excess. 
This was simple but oh so cute, don't you think?! 
Like I said, this isn't just for Valentine's. 
It could be a little thank you for a coworker that helped you out. It could be a pick me up to your kid who's had a rough week at school. 
Go make someone's day - everybody loves thoughtful gifts involving chocolate & caramel!  #yum

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