Sunday, December 22, 2013

Birthday rewind Part II

My birthday was last Tuesday. I turned 37. So there's that.

I'm dreading the big four oh but there's worse things. 

I have a whole lot to be thankful for. 37 years of blessings. 

And this guy at the table with me - he's at the top of the things I'm thankful for list - 
 me and my man at my birthday dinner

We try to go somewhere different, somewhere kinda neat for our birthdays and anniversaries. We try to find a place we've never been. So that means we usually end up in Nashville somewhere because we don't venture down there all that often.

This year we were talking about one place but after checkin the menu online we decided it didn't quite seem like our kind of place.

So then Anthony mentioned Puckett's. It had normal Southern comfort food type stuff on the menu so I was game! 

Off we went!

We were seated in 5 minutes without a reservation. Winning.

The server recommended the Southern Fried Chicken so that's what I ordered. 
She didn't have to twist my arm.

Doesn't it look delish?! 

And just so you know, that chicken breast was almost as big as my face. And juicyyyy! 
That cajun cornbread cake - oh that was a treat it sure was. 

Anthony went with the smoked bologna sandwich. 
He said it was really good but he ate the thigh from my entree and said mine was better. 
It's only fair, right? It was MY birthday after all. ;-)  
They have a stage inside the restaurant. Phoenix Drive entertained us a while. They sounded really good! Their harmony was tight and somethin about em reminded me of Little Big Town kinda.

So anyway, me and the hub we keep our birthdays kinda low key because they're close to the holidays (his is around Thanksgiving). 

On Monday he had text me I've struck out on your birthday gift. Nobody has what I need. 5 different stores. I suck!

So I said lol don't worry about it. 

Turns out he tried to find the Chuck Taylors I've been wanting but no one had my size. Go figure. 

But I thought it was super sweet he tried so hard. And the fact HE LISTENED to what I wanted. I.e., I hadn't specifically asked for em. 

Anyway, he gave me this sweet little birthday card though and that's always a win. 

A happy birthday night for me with my favorite fella indeed. 

Blessins. Blessins for sure!!!!

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