Sunday, December 22, 2013

Birthday rewind Part I

I realize everybody's in Christmas mode right now, but hold up a minute cuz I had a birthday last week I gotta tell ya about. 

When you work in an office, there's gonna be cake. And maybe ice cream. 
And it'll be in the conference room.

And sometimes your coworkers are gonna try to be cute with what they tell the bakery to write on your cake. 


I mean, who doesn't love being called ADORBS, right? 
And the fact that the icing is polka dots and purple. . . yesssss !!! 

Oh and in an office, sometimes your office gets kinda trashed. 

And again, I LOVED IT!!!! 

So what if it took me like 5 minutes to unwrap my mouse & log in?! It's not like you're setting productivity records on your birthday anyway. 

They even taped my light switch. 
So I sat in the dark a few minutes. What of it?
I heard my boss was the ring leader of the mess. I'll spare ya all the pics, but just believe me when I say it was quite a sight.  

And nobody hates walking in to a nifty gifty like this pretty little thing...   

And then another... 
     Someone's feelin the love.... 

My friend Brandi is such a thoughtful gal. She even double checked with my hub about the CD before getting it. Kelly Clarkson is only just about my fave PLUS this is Christmas music. Woot woot! 
And the scarfy was so perf I wore it that night to my birthday dinner out on the town. 
More on that later. 

Brandi got this little necklace a few birthdays back for me & me being the goob I am, I tuck it away every year and bring it out ON MY BIRTHDAY. 

I usually wear it all day but this year I only wore it for the conference room cake. ;-) 

I didn't wear the tiara this year. What is wrong with me? 

My boss was out of the office that day and she asked for a pic of me because she heard my hair was extra cute that day. 
I of course obliged. 
My coworker told the boss I looked so pretty that day I should be written up for it. LOL 

Lotsa people wished me a happy birthday. I felt so loved. 

My first happy birthday text came from my nephew Cullen (whose birthday is the day before mine) and then I got one from another nephew (Kerby, the adopted one whose birthday is 11 days before mine). I got several more texts throughout the day. 

At work I opened my email to some happy birthday emails. Got em from people I used to work with, family, church friends and there was even one from my hubby's step-cousin. (thumbs up)
I got the happy birthday song sung to me by my oldest brother and his kiddos. 

When I got home from work I told Anthony I reallllllly had a nice birthDAY & it was mainly because people took a minute to tell me happy birthday. 

Just remembering my birthday makes me extra happy because when your birthday is so close to Christmas you kinda feel like it gets overlooked a bit in all the hustle & bustle. But this year I felt like everybody cared & wanted to make my day special. And that's cool! 

It's not about a gift. Not at all. 
Just remembering is enough for me!

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