Monday, September 9, 2013

Labor Day looked kinda like this>>>>

My parents had a cookout. 
We ate food. 
We played basketball and badminton. 
We talked. 
We laughed. 
And we played with those cute baby boys... 

See for yourself!

 the gkids are all gettin so big & grown up... sigh.... 

me and muh bros

Don't you just wanna give him sugars right nowwww?!  
This is Conner, not that I knew on my own. I had to text my niece. Cuz I'm a crappy aunt.

 Conversatin' and laughin' 

Not sure what the convo was here
Apparently one must lay on the grass to determine whether the birdie was in or out...

 Cheerleader stunts? 
Yeah, we got em!

A certain couple fellas mighta got most of the attention though...

Blue bib ->Brady 
Phil was makin him giggle aww 
The twins were probably like HEYYYY, there's my brother. Geez, why have we been separated all night?! 
We passed em around like salt & pepper shakers. Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Movin on...

Kerby has a winning smile, doesn't he?!

Kerlandy and Camden built some stuff with Legos but Cam was too quick for me. He hates pics. You can see Kerlandy doesn't mind. (tryin to be cute cuz she knew I was shooting a pic) 

I'll leave ya with this one because Conner's expression just amuses me. 

I sure do love this crazy bunch! 

Thanks for indulging me. I know it was a lotta pics. If you didn't smile at least once, you may need to seek medical attention cuz yo face muscles must be broke!

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