Monday, September 16, 2013

a post about movies

My man loves movies. 

That's what we did on our first date - went to the movies. Saw Forrest Gump as a matter of fact. While we were dating, we watched a lot of movies. 

Doesn't seem like movies are as good as they used to be. But once in a while, we still run up on a good one. 

One of our most recent faves is Safe Haven with Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel. The movie is set in a small coastal town in North Carolina. It has a couple twists and turns and is a really great movie. It has a little suspense and some romance as well. And as rom-coms go, some humor in there. One of the things I was impressed by was how they really made Julianne Hough look like a young girl. Amazing what makeup, lighting & wardrobe can do. 

You should watch it. 

Another good one I recently watched at the behest of my coworker Cindy - Driving Miss Daisy

I know, I know. You're shocked that I missed this one for the last 20 years. It came on cable here and there but I just never stopped and watched it. 

It's really a great movie!!! 

Morgan Freeman plays his character so well. And that little old lady - she is a hoot! Jessica Tandy sure did a piece of acting in this movie. The folks that hand out the little statues agreed. Gave em F O U R ! 

Tonight my hub is out at a football game with a buddy and I'm sitting here watching Julie & Julia when I should be editing pictures

Ohhh this one, this is a superb movie. 

It came out in 2009 and it'll have ya laughin' and cryin' throughout the story. Amy Adams really is great as the young girl who decides to go through Julia Child's cookbook and blog about it. But the show thief here is Meryl Streep as Julia Child. She nails Julia Child in every way. 

Watch it but know you might get hungry seeing all that yummy food. 

Go to redbox, Target or click up Netflix - however you do movie night, I promise these three deliver! 

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