Friday, August 30, 2013

Flashback Friday - Zac Brown Band

So back in June there was this little thing called CMA Fest in Nashville. Formerly known as Fan Fair, this thing draws people from everywhere. As in all across the United States and even other countries everywhere. 

Cuz people love em some country music. Can't blame em. It's pretty good!

The hub and I are in the Zamily, which is Zac Brown Band's fan club. Every year ZBB has a fan club party on the night they're performing at CMA fest. We usually go. It's cool cuz not only do you get to hang with the guys in the band, they also feed ya. And lemme tell ya it's some good food. It's one of Anthony's favorite meals of the year.

This year, they surprised us IN A BIG WAY when they announced that for the first time, we'd all get to have our picture made with the fellas. 

I hugged Zac as soon as we walked up to the photo spot. 

And if you know me, you know I AM NOT A HUGGER. 

I don't know what got into me. I guess it was just one of those fan moments where it's all a blur and then you think oh, I bet I looked & sounded so goofy. Oh well. 

I don't even know why I was nervous. I've talked to Zac on the phone before. ;-) Read the post about my call with Zac here

Anyway, they played several songs and it became apparent that they didn't have a set list before getting on stage because at one point they were standing around asking each other what they should do next. Fans were shouting suggestions. They really seem like some laid back dudes who just LOOOOVE music. So cool.

We didn't go to CMA Fest but seeing our fave was worth the drive to the music city!

Let me backtrack a bit.

When we were waiting to go into the party, a vehicle drove up right beside us and out stepped Kimberly Schlapman of Little Big Town. And next was Karen. Then the fellas. 

Everyone was respectful and just watched for the first 5-10 minutes. Then we slowly inched our way over to the area where they were & started snapping pics. 

They were filming a bit for CMA fest because this year LBT was the "host" or whatev. Cool.

But then it got even cooler. 

Inside, they announced that LBT was gonna be serving us the food that Chef Rusty had cooked up for the Zamily. 


Way cool! I chatted with Kimberly and she was SOOOOOOO nice. So very nice. Anthony chatted with Karen & Jimi - he said they were really cool. 

I love how CMA fest gets fans close to the artists!

Before we left, we stopped for a pic in front of the ZBB logo. 
Good times.
 the pic on the bottom corner was right after they announcement that we were gonna get to take a pic with the boys

Gotta love Nashville.
And CMA Fest.

But most of all Z A C  B R O W N  B A N D !!!

Jump right in!


  1. So, so fun!!!
    I love how country music folks are just regular people! We have several CM stars in Lebanon & they're just fun, redneck southern it!

    YOU look darling, your outfit is SO cute!!

    1. You're so sweet Mandy! I feel like I know you just from reading your blog & following you on Instagram. Thanks for reading my little blog.