Friday, August 23, 2013

Flashback Friday - Memorial Day 2013

Calling all delinquent bloggers. 
Calling all delinquent bloggers.

So Memorial Day is usually spent at my parents' house in their back yard. Cuz back yards are where memories are made.

Like this - 
 This is just one of my favorite pics everrrrrr... 

Phil is silly & crazy just like his pose. Sasha and I are just... well.. us... and Anthony is jammin' out makin' like the racket is a guitar. Typical. Yeah, Mom will definitely be seein' this shot in her yearly family photo calendar.

When OUR FAMILY gets together there's 
A L W A Y S 
sweet tea cuz yall, we're TRUE SOUTHERNERS. ;-) 
Mom manned the grill this year. Trevor was a slacker. Or maybe he was just too busy holding them babiesssss... 
See, this was back when those sweet little twin boys were just a month old. Little tiny toots. Adorbs & presh and all that! 

And we may have kinda rigged up an extension cord on some wooden posts for a makeshift net. Yeah, duct tape was involved. As if you had to ask... 
And Phil & Anthony may have run to the local dollar store for badminton stuff. 
Improvisation at its finest.

I love love LOVE this shot of the Carver brothers. 
They used to be little. But now they're kinda big. 
 and Kerlandy looks like she's laying an egg... er, a basketball egg.... lol

Yeah.... so um.... I looooove my family! 

We sit around and talk and laugh. 
We sometimes have a little church when we're all together. 
It's just good stuff. Really it is. 


  1. Great pics! And "delinquent blogger" is my middle name.

  2. Calling all delinquent bloggers (waving), I'm here!!! Ha! You're too funny!