Saturday, August 17, 2013

Onesies posing as cupcakes - a little DIY for a baby shower gifty

If you read my blog you know I love Pinterest. It's just a cool way to find great ideas. Especially when you're wanting to give a U N I Q U E gift, which is me.all.the.time. I'm not uber crafty, but I like to try ;-) 

Recently a sweet friend was prego and she was special enough to deserve a nifty gifty such as this.

Onesies packaged up like cupcakes 
Aren't they just adorbs?! 

First of all, you have to get all this stuff
~ cutesy gift box from Michael's
~ cupcake papers (fancy ones if that's how you roll)
~ pack of solid onesies
~ red socks (I had to buy multi packs so guess who's getting the others - yes, my niece's twin babes)
~ tape

Seriously cute and pretty doggone easy! 
But in case you need steps - here ya go 
1. Fold the onesie so it's thing and long (trust me, the snaps can cause probs later but hang in there)
2. Work the sock in there so one of the toes is poking out (don't stress over this, you can fiddle with it later if it's bein a punk)
3. Roll the onesie (with the sock) tightly 
4. Once you have the whole shebang rolled up, tape the bottom

I mean really... this is easy and sooo cute. 

Are you IN LOVE with this gift?! 

I wrapped a wire edged ribbon (from Dollar General) around the box, added a gift card and made a card with my scrapbook supplies.
There ya have it folks....

Ain't she a beaut?!

Giving credit where credit is due... the blogger who came up with this has better pics than mine AND a more professional way of 'splainin it. ;-) 
Find it here!

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