Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Niece's Baby Shower - the R E C A P

Thanks for hangin' with me on all this baby shower madness. I appreciate patient followers.

So with BOYS on the way, we had to come up with a shower theme idea that was rough & tough. So we went with a construction kind of theme. We saw some ideas on the interweb and it kinda just went from there... 

Dump trucks haul more than just dirt and rocks! They make great cracker haulers.

I made the signs with cardstock (remember I'm a scrapbooking fool) and my Cricut machine.
Hmm.. more of that clothesline stuff showin' up ;-) 

This picture shows my brother S E R V I N G some of my aunts and cousins. Nice!

Gift openin' time!
The shot on the top left corner - Sasha thinks she looks like a goat. teehee Those cute little itty bitty wooden babies came from Shannon, who's also with child
My sister-in-law Leslie made the fleece blanket. They were sooo cute - Conner's was covered with robots and Brady's was space stuff. Awesome!
The giraffes in the center of the collage - they came from Haiti and were hand carved.

Excitement happened when two car seats were unveiled!

Phil might have gotten a bit carried away and  hit his head on the mantle. Oops! 

A sweet lady we used to attend church with got really creative with some diapers, blankets & socks...

I kinda got a little carried away buying stuff for these boys, but who cares?! They needed every bit of that stuff and I finally did stop gettin' stuff.

But the gift I was the most excited about was the photo book of Sasha's maternity pics... her face in this pic makes my heart full!
If you're a photographer, you know how awesome it feels to see someone look at your work and love it this much!

The shower turned out nicely and everyone seemed to be genuinely happy for Sasha & Phil. We had a room full of people from all over the place but somehow managed to keep it between the lines. It really was great!

 My mom, me, my oldest brother (Sasha's dad) and Sasha, the beautiful momma to be. 

Next up: pics of those babiesssss. You're gonna LOVE em!!!!!

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  1. What a cute shower! And I love the maternity pics you took, too. I have been lax about blogging lately and haven't been on much. I see I have missed much. Congrats on the new babies in your family!