Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Twin baby boys...my great nephews

My niece birthed her twin boys, her IDENTICAL twin boys, on Friday, April 26th.

She went to the doc that day and they discovered one of the babies was breech. AND one of em hadn't gained nearly as much weight since the last checkup so it was T I M E to get them outta there. C section here we go.

Everything went fine although there was a tiny little scare with my niece's blood pressure right after delivery. By the next day pretty much all was well in the neighborhood with that.

Baby A is Conner Michael. Baby B is Brady Allen. Those nurses, they're clever. They grabbed some puff paint and put those names right on some little hats. 

Brady weighed 5 lbs 11.25oz. 
Conner weighed 4 lbs 8.5 oz. 
Even though Brady was the bigger baby, he had some low oxygen levels or somethin so he spent a couple days in NICU. 
My parents are great grandparents now. Um wow!
Even though Caleb is in the Army now, it just so happened he had some time off and was home during all this craziness. It was nice that God intervened with that!
I think you can tell Kerby and Kerlandy are digging their new status as uncle and aunt. ;-)

Finally late Sunday night the babies were able to meet each other and be together in Mom's room. Aw!
Sasha is 25 although she, much like her mom, has a baby face and looks like a kid here. lol If we could all be so fortunate. {sigh}
Conner was smiling because Aunt Lyndy was holding him. Yeah, that's it. 

And of course I had big plans for pics in the hospital, right? 
But I ended up mostly just staring at Conner and being amazed at how God creates these tiny little humans and blesses us, etc. etc. 
Ignore the weird crease in Conner's skull. Ew!

Of course the first chance I got, I had to go see them boyzzz at their home. So I grabbed my sweet lil mom and off we went.

This photo collage pretty much sums up my emotions. 

My brother is soooo taken by these kiddos... pretty sure he's gonna be that pushover grandpa who gives em everything they want...

Kerby and Kerlandy looooove babies... 
And Joey acts like the twins are his brothers pretty much. Silly dog!

Me, my brother, my mom and Sasha with the babes. 
(cough, cough) Mom will be seein this pic on her calendar this year. 

A pro photographer took some beautiful sleeping shots of the fellas and I could die with every shot. Can they be more precious? 

Well, even posting this makes me a little teary eyed, I won't lie. 

And if you know me, you know I'm not a cryin kinda gal. 

But these little guys, ugh, they are just such a sweet sweet reminder of God's love for us. 

So anyway, Conner and Brady need to move closer to Aunt Lyndy! 

That is all. Carry on.

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  1. <3 this blog post!!! my boys are just the sweetest!!! :) love them!