Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's time for the ROUND BALL folks

Yep, you heard right - it's time for HOOPS!!!

Camden my nephew is in 6th grade and plays on a travel basketball team. They played last weekend in a nearby town so we went to watch him play. 

It was a tournament and they won the first game easy peasy, but the second one was a loss. :-(

Not to downplay "Camden's blog post" here but his big brother... Um he's growin like a weed. A weed that's been drenched with like a hundred gallons of Miracle Gro. 

Since Cullen was sitting by Nanny, I made em smile for a pic.
And yes, that's the early stages of a 'stache on the boy. (sigh) You're killin me CuCu. Why are you so big now?!   
Guy talk... I'm sure the subject was SPORTS as usual...
And Cullen is almost as tall as his dad these days... sheesh... eats 'round the clock yet you can count his ribs and huggin him kinda hurts.

I can remember both these boys running around my house in diapers and needing me to help em do stuff... and playing... and sleeping on pallets in the floor... 

UGH where does the time go? 

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