Friday, November 9, 2012

13th anniversary: part 2

I promised you more pics. 
   So here you go. 

Us gettin in touch with nature... we had never walked a trail on any of our many trips to the Smokies
Hikin' and stuff... Anthony found a stick that made a good makeshift hiking stick thing... can you tell I don't hike? lol 

Anthony loved this little bridge we had to walk over on the trail -  

happy little trees & big mossy rocks, oh yes

This weird looking tree had a little spot stickin out that served as a perfect tripod for the pic of us in the woods in my last post. Thank you little tree! Even though you're kinda creepy lookin.

tree huggin 

We stopped off a few spots driving up the mountain to take some pics and take in the beautiful canvas God painted... 
    notice the snow on the farthest mountains

We kept driving 
   and found this!!! 

We decided to walk around Gatlinburg a bit and rode the Sky Lift for the first time. 

up we go! 

This is such a cute pic of Anthony in my opinion you have my permission to ignore the terribleness and non-flattering part of the pic known as me

the view from the top of the Sky Lift

and meanwhile on the Gatlinburg strip...
If you've never had caramel corn while it's still warm out of this little machine, you ain't livin! 

Sunday we met up with Clint, Kyla and Avery and did some shopping. That night we went to dinner at Park Grill on the strip in Gatlinburg. The place was nice, the food was delish and the fellowship with friends was great.

But the little one - he's at that age ya know - he wasn't a fan of dinner out. Cuz see, he hadn't had a nap that day with all our shopping. So he kinda cried and was a typical 18 month old. 
After we finished our meal, he took up with these folks at the next table who loved on him and apparently cast a spell on him. An angel he was. It was like he turned into a different kid. 
We walked the strip and took in the scenery after dinner.

and shared a funnel cake YUM! 
just love his nutty side

And remember little Avery? 
 yeah, he slept

The 411 on the restaurants we checked out ~~~ 
 ~ We tried out Bullfish Grill our first night. I had grilled pork chops and Anthony did the grilled chicken sandwich. I loved mine; Anthony didn't enjoy his too much. We both loved the corn chowder and their bread was to die for though.
 ~ Night two was pizza night at Mellow Mushroom. DELISH! Go. NOW! There's one in Murfreesboro and Nashville.
  ~ Apparently if you wanna eat at the Apple Barn you gotta pitch a tent in the parking lot overnight. I'm just sayin. Bump that. We went to the Barrel. They serve breakfast all day. And it's yummy. 
 ~ We indulged in junk food, too. I won't list it all here. But there was probably a fried Twinkie in there somewhere. And ice cream. And warm, fresh baked cookies.

Before we headed home Monday, we did a little more shopping. Anthony always needs a new hat or two from Lids ya know. And many jeans is enough? American Eagle was havin a sale and I had a coupon. C'mon!

And of course my man can't be near a beef jerky outlet without getting some... 

Can't leave without a visit to the Scrapbook Clearance Store
ahhh retail therapy

I'm so thankful 
 for my husband, 
 for beautiful mountains so nearby that we get to enjoy, 
 for good food 
 for friends that are super cool to hang out with.

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