Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vacation 2012 - Fort Walton/Okaloosa Island

Last week we were in Fort Walton/Okaloosa Island with Anthony's side of the fam for a little R&R.  

Who says save the best for last? Well besides Vanessa Williams... hardy har har 
Ima tell ya bout my favorites from vacay.

P A R A S A I L I N G 
  up we go 
  and up 
    and UP
Whoa, waaaaay up! 

They said we'd go up 450 or 500 feet. 
Once you get up that high, it's so peaceful. The view is amazing and it's so quiet. It's like you're up there with God. 

They dip ya so down we came
   * splish splash * 
We just chatted and enjoyed ourselves up there. 
I think we could have sailed for hours.  

Oh and Anthony's sister Christy went up with Bryson & McKenzie. Can't leave them out!

We booked our fun with Harbor Watersports in Destin.  Click here to see the info & book your fun. It was $40 each for adults. Since we don't have any kiddy poops I don't know how much they cost. The pics were $20 and so worth it!
D O L P H I N  C R U I S E 
We decided to join a few of our closest friends (wink, wink) for a journey on the sea to find some dolphins.

The water was very choppy that day so we couldn't go out as far, but we still saw some of Flipper's cousins.

The captain let the kiddos take turns steering the ship unassisted. 
Bryson was all business at the helm, do you hear me?

Dawson was hammin' for the camera. 

McKenzie was all smiles on the ocean waters

Even the babe enjoyed himself. 4 months old and such a good baby...

And yeah, us older folk had a good good time, too. 
Anthony livened up a bit when a Dave Matthews Band song came on. Singin along and such. Even thanked the boat guys on the way off the boat. :o) 
I have to explain these huge grins - I was tryin to take their pic and stumbled a bit a lot, so they got tickled at me. I'm such a clutz! 

We booked our dolphin cruise with the Seablaster folks in Destin. If you wanna give em a try sometime, here's their info. It was $20 each for adults and $10 for kids 5 to 15. Those 4 & under are F R E E ! Sawyer fell into that category. 

So anyway these two things were my faves from the trip...  
  'sides being lazy on the beach and spending time with this handsome guy...

More to come ~
   be sure to check back, ya hear? 

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