Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer jam was pretty jammin'

There's a foundation at work that helps out employees in need all across the country. So to raise a little moolah and to let us employees have a lil fun, a couple Fridays ago they had us a mini carnival kinda thang. 

It was f - u - n ~ 
my only critique is that it was at 3pm and my hub couldn't come.

When our CFO took his shirt off to hop in the dunk tank, I giggled.
No shame in his game. 
On the third ball, this guy dunked him. CFO didn't stay dry for long. he he he

They had great food, corn hole and a Bingo tent for the old folk. 

And lotsa stuff for the little ones. . .  

like inflatables, ice cream, sno cones, the bungee thing, paddle boats, and even pony rides - - 

This little guy is my new boss's youngest son. 
So presh! Cute as he can be.
And brave up on that buckin bronco lil pony.

 My friend Kelly's 5 year old Gavin had his face all in the cotton candy. He's a cool kid.
He was doin flips in the bungee thing. Little daredevil.
This is the gal who inspired me to do that half marathon earlier this year. 
She's a cool chic... and has great taste in friends obv
We decided to do the zip line togethuh...  it was pretty cool ~  

 Anessia and her hub <3
someday they'll probably make some super cute babes - look at those smiles :o)

There were a couple live music acts, but I can't remember their names... 
they sounded good though. 

The event raised over $6,000 for the foundation. Pretty awesome. 

The money mostly came from a silent auction, with a dab comin from the live auction and of course the good ole dunk tank. Everything else was F R E E ....

I ain't gonna lie - I paid a few bucks to try to dunk a lady who used to be in the office by mine. She's one of those always happy folk who is happy to do anything for a cause. Of course I'm a terrible shot so I just ran up after missing three times and punched the thing to drop her. And she thanked me by splashing me. A.lot.  

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