Sunday, March 11, 2012

the goings on

First things first... 
Dad is improving every day from the ole back surgery. He walked around the block yesterday and even showered and shaved and stuff. I cooked lasagna and we took it to their house to eat and visit last night. Dessert was sopapilla cheesecake. It was yummy. Anyway, today Dad was able to go to church and he seemed to manage pretty well. No lunch with friends though - he had an appointment with Mr. Recliner :~) 

Thursday this little box appeared on our doorstep. 
How I <3 

That's right - I am now the proud owner of a Garmin Forerunner 110 running watch. I know you don't care. But I do. It's super cool. It's a GPS enabled device that tells me how far I've run, my pace and my time. And when I wear the heart rate monitor (purchased separately), it links up with the watch and shows my heart rate. Haven't tried that yet. 
So now I can hop outta the car, walk out the door of my house, whatev, and just go. No more driving in the car to mark off routes. F R E E D O M
So Saturday I did my 6 mile run
(ahem) This was my first time to run this far. Before Saturday, the farthest or is it furthest... I had ever run in one trip was 5 miles. So this was a bit of a MILESTONE for me in my marathon training. 

Maybe you're sick of me posting about running. But this is a big deal for me. And posting about it keeps me accountable. Helps me stick with it. Cuz some days a case of the lazies creeps up and I have to squash em like a bug! 
See, sometimes when I'm runnin, the thing that keeps me goin is knowin I'm gonna get on this blog and tell y'all about it. So does that make ya feel important? 

And to end this post on a good note - today I did some headshots for a girl I used to work with (thanks to a dear friend who recommended me). It was an easy, fun shoot. We even talked about God, church and worship. She recommended a book that I may read soon. Gotta love good peeps like that, right? Anyway, maybe I'll post a couple of her shots later... 
Anthony was out with the fellas for a movie tonight, and it was so weird... as I left the photo shoot my car seemed to drive itself to Ross my favorite store. And by George they're open til 9:30 amazingly on Sundays. Score! I found a dress I couldn't live without and a couple shirts. Oh and a couple things for Kerby and Kerlandy. Every time I'm out shopping lately, stuff for them seems to be jumping into my cart. Weird, huh?

Til later - keep it easy & real ...

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