Tuesday, March 13, 2012

just lettin ya know

~ the springin forward
I like it but I don't. . . It was dark this morning when I rolled outta bed.
But, on the other hand the sun didn't go down til after 7. 
Makes me :-) 

~ the run
I went in to work a smidge early today so's I could get my 5 mile run done when I got home before the sun went to bed. 

~ the meal 
Because I know you're dying to know... the spouse grilled some pork chops he marinated overnight. 
Oh how I <3 a grillin man. 
We had green beans and corn with the chops. I guess my body needed somethin on the healthier side cuz it totally hit the spot!

~ the rest o' the evenin
Since I'm a great wife, I went upstairs to "watch" the hub play video games. 
Ok, so I wagged the laptop upstairs and I've been on Pinterest like the whole time, but hey, at least I'm in the room with my beloved. 

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