Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sunday Sawyer shots - an infant portrait session

At the time of this shoot, Sawyer had been outside the womb a mere 19 days. And I've probably already taken his picture 150 times. He's just gonna have to deal.

Stuff I don't wanna forget about this shoot - 

  • Joey (aka MacGyver, aka The Professional) gettin a 2x4 to hang the flower basket from
  • Bryson puttin on a cap, messin his hair up in the process, then goin and slickin his hair down (think Alfafa from the Little Rascals minus the twig in back) which meant Jen had to blow dry it and fix it a second time
  • McKenzie diggin a shirt out of the dirty laundry pile to try to wear (we vetoed her on that one)
  • Bryson givin me ideas on poses/setups every 5 seconds (who knows, he may grow up and be a professional photographer one day)
  • McKenzie eatin on Bryson's melted chocolate milkshake while wearing her white shirt (scarrrry)

For anyone interested in the technical stuff - 

EQUIPMENT - I shoot with a Canon EOS Rebel xTi camera (no, this isn't the most recent digital SLR by Canon). The lens I typically use (and used for this session) is a 28-90 mm so as you can see, I don't have the most cutting edge, up to date equipment. If you know your equipment and its limitations, you can utilize it to its full potential without breakin the bank.

LIGHTING - Window light...natural, beautiful light created by God... no flash needed if you get the right exposure and figure out what you want out of your setup. Picture it before you shoot it. People who click and hope for a good shot are l a z y. Sorry if you think that's too strong, but it's true.

SETUP - Use whatcha got! Try to think outside the box. You don't have to go buy a bunch of expensive props to create a nice scene at home. If you do buy things, keep your receipts in case they don't work out for ya. As long as they're not damaged, I don't see an ethical issue with this.

PHOTOSHOP - Yes, I use it. I try not to overdo it though. Adjusting or removing color, removing a scratch or blemish, adding a vignette, just the small finishing touches. And of course a 2 week old babe can't hold his little noggin up so I just Photoshop'd Dad's hand outta the shots in the coffee cup planter. Ain't I talented?!

Hope you enjoy these shots. I sure did enjoy doing them! 

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