Thursday, February 9, 2012

what's been rollin around in my head

  • Should I give in and do Facebook? Is my life lacking something sans Facebook? Eh, it'd probably just be another time waster like Pinterest. heehee which I <3
  • As I keep running, the constant questions like "can I do X (fill in the blank) miles next week?" "Will I be able to do 13.1?" Grr I hate doubt and fear! I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me. Phillipians 4:13
  • A prayer or two that's yet unanswered. I know you're there God. I'm still waaaaiiiiiiiiting..... 
  • I hate when people wear their hoods (on hoodies) up on their domes on the indoors... yo, it's not raining up in here, up in here (Ang, that one's for you hee hee)
  • So glad American Idol is baaaack - I love and hate Group Round... it always serves up some grrrreat entertainment, but I sometimes get frustrated that talented peeps get the boot because they get totally hosed in group picks. Anythewho, the best line of the show tonight was from the guy in M.I.T. and I quote: "Now I have a very very bad perspective towards cowboys. Even Dallas Cowboys. Freakin' cowboys."                              badcowboyperspective.jpg  
  • Cold weather makes Lyndy bring out the good ole electric blanket. Cat curled up with me the past couple of nights. Thinks she's on her throne. Yep, pretty much.
  • Speaking of my cat... why did she see her reflection in the window tonight and proceed to hissing and herself? Dumb cat! 
  • My parents are going on a marriage retreat this weekend with some church folk. I think that's cool! They've been hitched for 46 years. Awesome, right?!
  • Remember me talkin bout growin out my hair? Um, this week... What's funny though, a couple people have asked me if I had a fresh haircut. Hmm
  • Sawyer will be here no later than Tuesday. I bought him a cute little John Deere onesie tonight on sale :-) I'm a good wonderful step aunt-in-law 
  • Sheryl Crow sings about how a change'll do ya good. tap, tap Sheryl honey, I don't know about that... this change at my work is makin' me feel like a one legged man in a butt kickin contest, ya hear me? Bring me a weekend and bring it quick!  

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