Sunday, February 5, 2012

lemme catch ya up

It's nuthin too exciting, but here's what we've been up to the last few days...

Thursday night 
Cullen's last home game as an eighth grader.
 little bro & cousin Kerby cheering him on
Kerlandy liked watching the cheerleaders & playing with her Barbie 
a bit more than watching the game 

Friday Anthony was off so I sent him to Walmart. He loves doing the grocery shopping. What a blessing! So we had a kinda low key date night and just went to dinner. 

Saturday morning I rolled outta bed to do my 3 mile run before a certain little cutie pie came to play... 
we did a puzzle, played with cars & action figures, threw ball, there was hide & go seek, um pretty much whatever Riley wants to do we do
He laid his well endowed dark haired head 
on Anthony's bald head to "give him some hair"
He loves to go to the first landing of the stairs and throw ball. This time the game was played with one of Tinsley's balls and we bounced it on each step.
I asked him what his favorite thing is at preschool and he said "just that I'm learnin." Wow.
When Mom arrived to pick him up the lip instantly pooched out. Aw, it's sweet to be loved. So as he was getting ready to leave I said Riley, why don't you just come live with me & Anthony and be OUR boy instead of Mom's? He turned to his mom and said Mom, what do you think? Lol I didn't expect that one. 

Saturday night we went out to dinner with my inlaws. When we got back to their house, we spent a couple hours just visiting. No tv, just chatting. I love when they tell stories about their younger years.

Matty - my mother-in-law's cat
can you say spoiled?

Today we visited a church near my work that a few people I know attend. It wasn't our cup of tea if ya know what I mean. Eh, oh well. 

And I'll just admit, the best part of the Super Bowl for me is all the commercials. Entertaining? Yeah. The game? Not so much.

I think my fave was the Honda commercial with Matthew Broderick... a modern day Ferris Bueller parody <3 it

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