Monday, February 6, 2012

February Photo a Day project PART 1

I follow a blog and you should, too... Tyla is quite the storyteller. Tyla's blog

She was talkin about a photo a day project and dude, I AM IN ! ! ! 

Thanks to Nest of Posies for the project. Gotta link ya to 'em cuz that's the thing we bloggers do. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

I have a dumb phone. (translation: Santa did NOT bring me an iPhone mainly because my Verizon upgrade eligibility happens Christmas 2012, poo!) So I'm not doing this here project via Instagram. I'm gonna post em in a regular post and also add a page over to the left along with the running log
that I'm sure no one ever reads lol

Well, here goes nuthin... 

from my back porch 
our wedding rings on my Bible (Song of Solomon to be exact)
Riley didn't even know he was modeling for me  
I noticed this cute little old couple at the table beside us at Logan's... 
I love that the blue haired lady had her spiffy sneakers on 
 About to head to church, but the outfit I wore required a purse swap
For dinner tonight, our menu was: breaded ranch chicken, green beans, corn, and a healthy weight veggie medley with sugar snap peas, edamame, carrots, & black beans

So there ya have it. Gimme some feedback.

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