Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bryson, the "ink artist"

Since we don't have kids yet, I have to sometimes use the nieces or nephews for funny stories... and tonight I have one for you about Bryson... this is a shot of him from Christmas -

He's a funny little dude and this story is secondhand but cute nonetheless.

We went to eat Friday night and ended up getting to the restaurant about the time Anthony's parents were finishing eating. They said we missed it. They told us Bryson had been in the office (alone) and had apparently gotten bored because they saw him come through with all kinds of "doodles" on his face. It seems this little kindergartener decided an ink pen made for a great tool for a little "body art." Picture it: inked eyebrows, mustache, beard and circles on his cheeks. (So bummed there's no pic to show you!)

When my inlaws saw it they pitched in to help with the clean up. As Pepaw started scrubbing, he found more ink on Bryson's arms, his attempt at a custom design tattoo, and then an inked belly button (that ink may be there til he graduates high school). Memaw told the little guy his mom (who was in the restaurant's kitchen at the time) was gonna be mad and asked what he was gonna tell her. After thinking it over for a couple seconds, Bryson said, "I guess I'll hafta make somethin' up." (insert stifled laughter here with an attempt to keep a straight face in front of the kid...actually I think Pepaw just turned his face to the wall) Upon further consideration, Bryson said, "I think I'll tell her I fell asleep and McKenzie did it to me." McKenzie is his 13 year old sister, and I don't even think she was there. 

As they say, boys will be boys...

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