Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two days of random things...welcome to Lyndy's mundane life

  1. I was late to work yesterday (stupid snow)
  2. The one bright spot of the morning (yesterday) was the first person who saw me complimented my hair (and seeing as how I'm like a week overdue for a haircut, that was pretty cool)
  3. The dude beside me in yoga class breathed like Darth Vader
  4. Forgot to decorate a coworker's cubicle for her birthday (oops!)
  5. Tried some new lotion of Angela's...loved it...gotta get's Shea Cashmere hand cream from the True Blue Spa collection. Bath & Body Works here I come!
  6. Got a haircut today (gonna try a slightly new style...hopefully)
  7. Sat through a boring meeting at work, daydreamed during most of it 
  8. Splurged at lunch today hehe had Taco Bell (mmm)
  9. My boss complimented my work (because I pretty much rock at my job)
10. (because of #8) Ran 2 miles :-)

Now, let me go count my blessings because even though I have a kinda monotonous life at times, I have a sweet husband who loves me (and sometimes spoils me), a cat that's cute as a ladybug, and family and friends that are the best!

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