Thursday, December 16, 2010

Twas the week before Christmas (week)

Tuesday night I made some yummy chicken noodle soup (Karen's recipe), and this makes the third time I've made it. It's so yummy we always eat it two nights in a row. Campbell's, you can keep your "mmm mmm good" slogan cuz you proly tasted Karen's soup when you coined the phrase.

Wednesday we wuz all skeert (translation: we were all concerned) about the weather forecast cuz here in middle Tennessee the weathermen (not worthy of bein' called meteorologists) LOVE to predict bad weather. So all week we've been hearing ice, ice, ice is a-comin' on Wednesday. So THEY WERE WRONG. Big shock. (insert sarcastic snarl here) But because they were sooo confident it was a-comin' we didn't have church. I'd like to say me and Anth had church here at home, but we didn't. We watched Survivor after eating on our yummy chicken noodle soup. Remember, it was night #2 of it. Yum. Let me pause while I reminisce about its tastiness. 

Tonight me and my daddy went shoppin' for my little momma. We got some cool stuff and I hope Mom loves it all. Sometimes Dad and I will head out ON CHRISTMAS EVE so I appreciated his earlyness (is that a word?). . .

But on to bigger and better and more important things.
I got me a birthday comin' up.
Yep. Tomorreo. But I've already been celebratin' just cuz people apparently wanna bless me... my boss took me to lunch yesterday, and today the sweet gals I work with blessed me with breakfast. What's funny is, we usually do cake at 3:00 for everyone's birthday...but my friend Brandi musta been inside o' my brain cuz she came up with the breakfast idea. See, I had been thinkin' I'd rather have breakfast than the usual cake. But I didn't want to seem like a diva or appear "high maintenance" so I kept my pie hole shut. But low and behold... the lovely menu (from the little place in town we love) didst appear in fronta me... I had me a bagel sandwich with egg, ham & cheese and, wait for it, wait for it.... a blueberry scone. Mmmm it was delish! (Needless to say lunch was a moot point cuz my tum-tum was full)

Tomorrow morning I plan to start my day opening a cute box that was shipped to me all the way from Orlando, Florida from my sweet friend Renee. I can't open it until my birthday. She'll scold me. And I don't wanna have to lie to her. So I have it laid out on the kitchen island so I can tear into it quickly and easily in the early morn. Y'all know I barely function in the mornings, so I hope I can fully appreciate its giftyness. hehe

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  1. Glad you like the soup! I've decided that the easier the recipe, the better the taste, and that's definitely an easy recipe.