Sunday, December 12, 2010

An eventful Saturday

Our Saturday dress rehearsal for the church Christmas program was bumped from morning to afternoon so that opened up my schedule to be able to go to my first photography class. (Remember, the one I told ya about recently, that's F-R-E-E!!!) The good news: I think I'm gonna learn a lot and it's only 'til 9:30 or 10:00, not noon like I had in my head for some reason... The bad news: there are two tests. Ugh, I didn't realize that! Oh well. I'm sure I can handle it.

The afternoon dress rehearsal went pretty well. I think everything's gonna go fine. I hope the little ones sing out really good and the big kids remember all their lines. :-P And I may as well throw in a wish for me - hopin' my voice doesn't crack on the song I have to sing.

I was so pooped after rehearsal I didn't join Anthony at the basketball game. I ran by to see how my little buddy/sis was doing. Bridgett had her tonsils taken out Thurs. Poor thing. She's becoming quite friendly with a couple friends called discomfort and nausea. But Mr. Pain Medicine is paving the path to healing and recovery.

P.S. It's snowin' here really good. . . it's pretty, but I hope it doesn't keep the crowd away (for our program)... we've been in the Christmas spirit since September <sigh>

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