Monday, February 16, 2015

not wanting to waste your time

Do you have a friend who wastes a lot of your time? 
Is overly needy.
The friend whose stories go on and on. 
The one who only texts when she needs something from you. 
You get my point.

Well I don't wanna be the blogger who wastes your time writing a bunch of nothing. Or the blogger who goes on and on about herself and it's just plain boring. 

That's why I try not to post things just for the sake of posting something. 

There are blog ideas in my head here and there. I just don't know what I want this blog to be. 

My favorite thing is to make people laugh. 

That's easier to do in person than via a blog. Agree? 

I hope you had a lovely Valentine's with your sweetie. We kept it low key as usual and basically ignored the holiday completely. HA! No cards, no candy, no nothin. We actually had a couple kids from church over and we ate pizza, baked sweets, laughed and played games. 

While we were baking we were talking about fruit flavors and the little boy commented that he doesn't like raspberries. I think I said I did. 

He said I don't, it's like licking a man's arm. 

We laughed so hard. 

I told him he ruined raspberries for me because now, every time I eat one I'm gonna be thinking about a hairy arm. 

Ok, so hopefully you laughed too. 
Later gator. 

I'll be back with something more meaningful soon. 


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