Monday, January 26, 2015

Loveless Cafe on MLK Day

We ventured to Nashville (aka the big city) on MLK Day.

Why yes, we DO believe in Nashville! 
Cool town, cool sign, yeah we cool


We started out at Loveless Cafe. 

You may remember, we ate there for dinner for anniversary numero 14. read the post here

For breakfast out at a restaurant I'm a sucker for a good omelet so that's the route I went. Cheese omelet, bacon on the side. 

It may not be fair but I can only compare any omelet to my fave - the one at The Pancake Pantry. 

Yall, if I'm being honest Loveless's omelet didn't measure up. It was just all right. At the Pantry they not only put the cheese inside, they have some melting on top - and it's slices. This one had shredded cheddar all inside. Not my fave. I was a smidge disappointed. 

However, their biscuits were amazing, just like last time. And the fruity jellies that come with weeeee. Oh, and I stole some of Anthony's gravy, I can't lie. nomnom

Anthony went for the biscuit plate. ha If you know him, you're not surprised. He got to choose 4 meats for his biscuits. He did bacon, sausage, fried chicken and country ham. Again, typical. He said it was really good. He didn't share. 

We ended up spending over $30 for breakfast. 

Anthony and I talked about how we would've been just as happy with breakfast at the barrel... we'll probably stick with dinner at the Loveless from now on, but eh, it was a fun outing on a pretty holiday that had some lovely sunshine and not very January-ish temps. It was like 60 degrees and just gorgeous! 

We drove around Nashville a bit and found the "I Believe in Nashville sign," took some pics with it and rounded out the afternoon with a bit of shopping.

A very nice day. 

I'll leave ya with this - cuz they're both so very accurate if you know us. 

til next time - - - >

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