Saturday, August 30, 2014

August was a kinda busy one

I realize that my blog is kinda all over the place. A little DIY here, a little here's what we've been up to there.... sorry but my brain is pretty much all over the place so it makes sense that this blog would be, too. 

August has been a pretty busy one. 

So I'm gonna crank up the time machine and travel back. 

Here's the highlights yall.

Started off the month with a sleepover at my house with some middle school gals that have my heart. 

I had these girls in my group back earlier this year in a student event at my church called Quest. -> read about it here! We had so much fun that night that it deserves its own post. So more on that later. 

In August my little daddy started pastoring again. He's been retired from pastoring since fall of 2011. So we surprised him and showed up at his church on his first Sunday. My oldest brother had the same idea. Lol Great minds think alike.

That same Sunday I started teaching small groups again at church. They've moved em back to Sundays. This time I have 8th graders. They seem like they're gonna be a great group!! 
They're already talking about wanting to have a sleepover and do stuff outside of our group time on Sundays. I think they like me and Lynsey. 
Yeah, my partner is Lynsey. Lyndy and Lynsey. Isn't that special? Oh and one of our girls in the group - her name is Lindsey. So there's that... 

The next two pics are nature and work related. As I was leaving one day I saw a group of ducks in the road on campus. We have over 100 acres so it's not unusual to see animals around campus. But this was a first - I was glancing over at the ducks and noticed A HAWK sitting in the grass. 

I got pretty close to him and lemme tell ya, he had his eye on me. I was worried he was injured but he wasn't - cuz he flew off after a couple minutes. I really think he was about to have duck for dinner. But I s'pose I interrupted his little plan.

Then one night this week I was working a little late and as I went to my car I saw a group of deer near the parking lot. So I did the obvious thing - I walked over, snapped a pic and tweeted it. 
disclaimer: this is NOT my truck

In other work related news, this happened...
and was not planned ... lol

I made these monkey bread muffins... And I made cream cheese icing and drizzled over some of em. Pretty tasty.
here's where I found the recipe Thank ya Pinterest!

Speaking of food... 
the other night we went to the Barrel with the inlaws... and this happened... 
me and the hub ordered the exact same drink (water), and the exact same meal (pancakes with a side of bacon).

They say the longer you're with somebody... if I start wearin polo shirts and cargo shorts yall smack me. 

Last weekend we went to the Wildhorse and saw/heard Vertical Horizon and Tonic. Cuz we're 90s people after all... 

Standing for 4 hours+ is my favorite... um.. but it was a really good show. I didn't enjoy my ears ringing for 5 days after that... but... it was fun. I swear it was.

Moving on.

Thursday night I went to a Titans preseason game with my friend Kelly (one of the back row Altos from choir). 

We got rained on but eh. I always dig spendin time with this chic. Even in the rain. <3

All in all August was a really good un. I am loved. And I love people. And life. Life is good. 

Stay tuned. Cuz I have more to share with you. I know you're excited. 

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